1. tonyunser:

    Second year film was completed a few days ago. Here’s a documentation of the film while in production.

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  3. tombancroft1:

    When people write me/meet me and say: “My DREAM is to be a Disney animator/ character designer, concept artist, etc.- what TIPS do you have to help me reach my dream?” A TIP? To get a position that thousands of people a year try for and miss? A tip to learn all the YEARS of artistic knowledge and…


  4. bethdavid:

    hashtag selfie


  5. artchipel:

    Artist on Tumblr

    Mattias Snygg | on Tumblr (Sweden) - Animals

    Swedish artist Mattias Snygg is a creative professional with a background in fine art. He has worked as an illustrator, art director and narrative director on AAA video games at video game developer Starbreeze. As a freelancer he has created art for various projects, books and films.

    © All images courtesy the artist

    [more Mattias Snygg | artist found at Behance]

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  6. shortspal:

    A study! Feels so good to be painting for fun again


  7. leilanestpasla:

    Color/Layout exercice at school, 1h30 speed

    in the manner of Tadahiro Uesugi , we have to retake the colors of one of his illustration to color our layout.


  8. alexandrediboine:

    trying new  moods


  9. bitnjer:



    Just made a Tumblr where we’re going to post process work from our film!

    Go Check it out, and spread the word!



  10. everydaylouie:

    carrier pigeon

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